Sunday, June 10, 2007

*My Zodiac.!

I'm Aquarius, and this is what my sing says about me:

You're usually pretty calm about stuff, but this week you might feel more anxious than usual and maybe even a little irritated about the way your family is dealing with things. Once you have a chance to talk things through, everyone - especially you - will be in a much better mood!

Everyone really admires the way you stand up for yourself, especially your crush, so don't be surprised if he does something to let you know how he feels. It may not be anything huge but it will be enough to show that he likes you and respects you.

Packing that beach bag? Don't forget the lip-gloss, especially if it's got moisturizers and some protection against the sun in it. Don't laugh - sunburned lips are no fun! (In fact, they make laughing really painful!)

"The Plus Side"
It doesn't matter if people are short, tall, rich, poor, or from the other end of the globe - you love your friends for who they are on the inside. You believe in peace and that everyone should get along so you will go the extra mile to help settle an argument. You are very creative, inventive and you take a unique approach to living your life. Many of your friends call you a true original!

"The Flip Side"
You, Airy Aquarius, sometimes get swept away with your troubles! You often feel that your problems are more important than anything else in the world, so your feelings get hurt if a friend can't be there for you like you expect. You also tend to question your decisions and can lack self-confidence when suggesting something new. You have so many great ideas - make sure you share them!

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