Friday, May 23, 2008


Live Aloha Poem

I've sailed from here to Molokai,
fished the Kona coast.
But the laughter in the air,
is what I love the most.
The sound of gentle breezes,
the rhythm of the waves.
I could walk this beach forever,
and dream my life away.
I've felt the seven pools of wonders kiss,
and I can't believe there's anything as beautiful as this.
In paradise,and Hawaiian eyes.
The spirit of our native land,
God has heard our prayers.
And blessed us with the beauty,
with the magic in the air.
The surf across the water,
the sounds of slide guitar.
When the dancers do their dance of love,
then we know who we are.
A people only seeking natures best.
One place on the planet,
where the sands of time have blessed.
In Paradise and in your Hawaiian eyes.
hugs AngieCorcel

Monday, May 5, 2008

What Names Means

What AngieCorcel Means

A is for Active
N is for Neat
G is for Glittering
I is for Industrious
E is for Elegant
C is for Cheerful
O is for Overwhelming
R is for Relaxed
C is for Crazy
E is for Explosive
L is for Lively

hugs Angie