Saturday, June 30, 2007

*S* is for sweet dreams...

"Like a shepherd holds a lamb safely in his arms, Jesus watches over me, protecting me from harm."
Nite Nite everyone, hugs Angie, aawww.

*More Bee...zzz...

Bee a Friend
Bee busy... doing what you love to do.
Bee true... to the dreams God's given you.
Bee sure ... to taste the sweetness of each day.
Bee silly ... giggle lots, take off and play!
Bee bold ... enough to trust your wings and fly.
Bee-lieve ... the power of prayer will get you by.
Bee happy ... keep your outlook bright and sunny.
Bee yourself ... bee-cause you really are a honey!
Bee a kids best friend!Share with him or her simple tips that will lead to a happy life!
hugs Angie.


bee attitudes, bee yourself, hugs Angie.


those are the frames I use in the post before, with a shots of my daugther, enjoy, download here, hugs Angie.

*She's writing?

I can't believe! I remember she asking me for a pen? I give her one, them she began to write her name along, finally mom, I did it!!!!, I am proud of you baby, love mom...Angie.


I learn how to do the stitch, them I want to show all my creations whit it, I hope you like too, click if you want to download it here, hugs Angie.

*This was Mother's Day...

I found this beautiful scrapkit today, and I'd remember this picture, oh!, I make the layout and here is my best result, hugs Angie.

*My new Wallpaper...

my daugher love this one, I allready made it, yija!!! I love that movie, lol, hugs Angie on vacationssssssssssssss....


Finally!!! I am on vactions all this long 4th of July week, yupi, them yersteday was a great day, we went to the Hialeah Movico theater to see "Ratatouille", it was a great movie, I think is the best I saw after "Happy Feet" we really enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

*My Meez...

hugs Angie.

*Love your style...

I can imagine how much you love your new shoes, I remember you modeling them all the time in Disney, I really enjoy with your smile, I love you Grace, love mom.! Angie.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Grace and her dad, decide to make bubbles outside, and I think it was an special moment to take a picture of them together, Guala! they look spectacular, very funny... catch the bubbles... hugs Angie.

*Even dreaming...

I have a lot of pictures from disney, hmm, I can't wake up yet, but well Im creating my scraps around... hugs Angie.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

*Disney great shots...

this is my las creation for today, have a nice dreams everyone, you can find the tut for this tag True Sugars Eyes is Cute-ism, nite nite everyone, hugs Angie.

*Summer time...

Many times we take a bad pictures and we do not want to throw them, but always we can create something pretty, this photo is a sample.
hugs Angie.

*Hangin Out..

... a great day @ Walmart superstore... my husband Frankley, my daugther Grace and me.
hugs Angie.


hugs Angie.

*Just me...

...finaly I found the perfect image to identify me, a Corcel, and I transform this one in scraps, i love love love the results.... don't you?
hugs Angie.

*Grandma & Laugh...

I found this 2 greats layouts and I love them, I just add a pic of my mom w/ my lil daugther and my niece, it was a big hug!

in this one, I just found the 4 perfect shots of my lil Grace smile, beautiful ah?...
hugs Angie.

Friday, June 22, 2007

*Grace and Dad...

... never I have time to take photos of both together, but finally I take some, i think those picts are my best shots, hugs Angie.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Visit me please... click on image or go to Disney Fairies, thanks-hugs Angie.

*Von Voyage...

... finally... we never found Nemo, lol, the ride was very cute, I love it... hugs Angie.

*I found a treasure....

mommy... you think that this dress fits me?...'s my lil pirate, just playing in the Pirates of the Caribbean in some of Disney stores...
hmm! the trip to Disney was really enchanted! hugs Angie.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Nite, Nite everyone, have a nice dreams!!! and I wish all your dreams come true, hugs Angie.

*I Believe whatever is in stores for us will be for us.!

I found a paper in my desk today, someone was fixing some photos in my PC at work, maybe she printed it, and she was forgot to collect it, I did a copy and I am brought them here, these words touched my heart...
This is the poem...
Just think about it! hugs Angie.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

*Just a... day.!

After all... this is my cute girl, she's shining of happiness for this weekend, we are going finally to Disney World!... me too of course!

well... Mickey & Minnie... see you there....! hugs Angie.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

*Sunday list...!

Just trying to be organized, finally Grace is sleeping [a lil bit in he afternoon], and Im finish to order the closet, but in the middle of everything one eye on the computer, and what i saw? a big mess around my desk, lol, maybe tomorrow.....

*Laundry Service.!

Mhmmm.... today morning I decide take Grace with me to the laundry, uff!, she really help, lol, icreams, pepsi, bread pudin, disturbing all the time, but I'm happy, because she do the best, trying to help folding clothes....
the job was great.! hugs from a proud mommy, Angie....

*My Zodiac.!

I'm Aquarius, and this is what my sing says about me:

You're usually pretty calm about stuff, but this week you might feel more anxious than usual and maybe even a little irritated about the way your family is dealing with things. Once you have a chance to talk things through, everyone - especially you - will be in a much better mood!

Everyone really admires the way you stand up for yourself, especially your crush, so don't be surprised if he does something to let you know how he feels. It may not be anything huge but it will be enough to show that he likes you and respects you.

Packing that beach bag? Don't forget the lip-gloss, especially if it's got moisturizers and some protection against the sun in it. Don't laugh - sunburned lips are no fun! (In fact, they make laughing really painful!)

"The Plus Side"
It doesn't matter if people are short, tall, rich, poor, or from the other end of the globe - you love your friends for who they are on the inside. You believe in peace and that everyone should get along so you will go the extra mile to help settle an argument. You are very creative, inventive and you take a unique approach to living your life. Many of your friends call you a true original!

"The Flip Side"
You, Airy Aquarius, sometimes get swept away with your troubles! You often feel that your problems are more important than anything else in the world, so your feelings get hurt if a friend can't be there for you like you expect. You also tend to question your decisions and can lack self-confidence when suggesting something new. You have so many great ideas - make sure you share them!

Yo can read yours at: "Zodiac Girlz"

*Another Tut.!

Hiya! I know is so early for Christmas, but Im was inspired this night, and here is my simple creation, I hope you like it, and enjoy like me, hugs Angie.

Friday, June 8, 2007

*On Fire* new tut up.!

Here is my new tag, i upload a tut to my msn group, you can see it "OnFire"
Hugs Angie.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


...I don't have too much time, but I want to say HELLO WORLD!, lol, hugs Angie.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

*New Tut up.!

Hiya all.!
I have a new animated tut up!
on my msn group, you can see the "Chin Chin" here.!
Good luck, thanks-hugs Angie.

*Sassy Invitation.!

Hi I want to invite you to visit my Msn group, the you will find many Psp tutorials, Scraps-Kits, Psp Resources, web sites realted to psp and scrap things, just click on the banner and let's play, thanks-hugs Angie.


You can find my scrapkits follow this link:
thanks-hugs Angie.

*Psp Tutoriales.!

This is the link to my tuts, I hope you like them and enjoy, thanks-hugs Angie.

*Welcome Pepz!

!Hi everyone, this my new home!
I will post here my Memories....
and a news about my psp tuts and scraps...
I hope you enjoy visiting me, thanks, Hugs...